Saturday, August 9, 2008

Our Summer

So I just uploaded 250 pictures from the digital camera. Basically our summer in a nutshell. For your viewing pleasure, I've put about 120 of them into the slideshow below. Hope you like it. (I must give credit to my sister, Jennifer, who took all the pictures in Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks.)

Tonight we went to a get-to-know-you event for the kids new school. They had several of the huge inflatable slides, jumping toys, etc. Of course the kids were delighted. The boys took off on their own and had a blast. Graci was wonderful with Jessica. She let Jessica choose what toys the would go on all night. Afterwards, she told Jesi that tonight had been Jessica's "Graci Date." (Once a week, one of the kids gets a one-on-one with either mom or dad. We call these Mommy Dates or Daddy Dates.) Graci is truly an amazing kid.

Well, it's ridiculously late. While I've been learning how to put together a slide show, Christi has created an enchanting Chinese atmosphere in our living room for Graci's birthday party tomorrow. We actually have two parties tomorrow: Jesi at 10:00 and then Graci at 2:00. Yes, our lives are crazy. But I'm realizing more and more just how much this is what life is all about. I'm getting to the point where putting the kids to bed is not something I have to do before I can begin enjoying the evening. Instead, I'm finding the joy in spending that half hour (or hour and a half!) with them. They are amazing little people!