Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Stormy Weather

We often pray for rain here in Utah.  So it's usually a good thing when it comes.  Just not on the day that you're supposed to put the trusses on your new home!  Not too much progress on the home today due to the thunderstorm.  But there is a big pile of trusses awaiting the crane that's scheduled to arrive at 7:30am tomorrow morning:)

Tonight was the pinewood derby.  Xander has so looked forward to this day!  He watched his older brothers making their cars, always being told that someday he would be a Cub Scout.  Well, the day finally came.  He had a great time.  His car won two of the three heats he raced in and he was ecstatic.  He also won an award for "Best Hot Rod."  Way to go, X-man!