Monday, October 31, 2016

Update: Voting is back on!

After I posted last night, the voting function on the website turned off for awhile.  It is now up and running and hopefully will be ok going forward.  Vote, share, share share!



We need your help!!!

To make a long story short, our family is one of 25 finalists for a $150,000 prize, and we need people to vote for our entry!  A few weeks ago we entered a contest through SoFi.  SoFi is a lending institution that helped us refinance some high-interest credit card debt.  We made a 60-second video that explained how SoFi had changed our lives. Out of thousands of entries, we are one of  25 finalists.  The winner ($150,000 prize) and 5 runners up ($10,000 each) will be determined by how many votes their entry gets.  If you can take a couple of minutes for us, it would be awesome!!!  This could really be an amazing blessing for our family.

To vote, go to  Look for the entry with a picture of our family and my name and city (Jeremy G., Herriman, UT) under the video.  Click on “View my Story.”  To vote, put your email address in the box on the next page and click on “Vote Now”.  You’ll receive an email and will need to confirm your vote.  This is to keep people from voting multiple times.

We would sure appreciate your help.  And this is obviously dependent on getting the word out.  So share on Facebook, share on Instagram, tweet it, tell everyone you know:)!  If you know someone with lots of followers, having them share it could make a huge difference for us.  The voting deadline is November 11.  Hopefully this is one vote you can feel good about this year ;)
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