Saturday, November 9, 2013


Parents often lament that kids do not come with a manual.  I think every parent could use an all-encompasing resource book that covered every possible question, situation and area of concern.  Alas, this magic text does not exist.  So we all do the best we can with what we have.  Sometimes I get so caught up in the day to day responsibilities of life that I forget just how important being a father is.  However, there are often little experiences that remind me once again that, second to husband, my most important title is Dad.  This morning I had one of those little moments.

Taylor has started basketball practice.  Gym time is hard to come by, so his team practices at 6:30am on Satudays.  (BLEECH!)  It has helped me to get up early on the weekend and get in some exercise of my own.  In the car after practice we had a short conversation that made my day.  I mentioned to him that due to a work conflict, I wouldn't be at home for the BCS National Championship game in January.  You would have thought I had told him he was grounded for the next six months.  He was so disappointed.  He spent the rest of the drive trying to come up with creative ways to change my work schedule.

What a reward as a father.  To know that he cared that much made me feel like I had passed an impromptu exam with flying colors.  I'm so grateful for my kids and the relationships I have with them. They are amazing.


Note:  After we got home I was talking to Parker.  I thought I'd see if I could go two for two.

Me:  "I just found out I won't be here to watch the BCS National Championship game with you this year.

Parker:  "Oh."

You win some, you lose some:)