Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A fun video...

This was taken Sunday morning-- I thought it would be fun to show you how Soph does some normal, everyday tasks.   We are so blessed to have this girl in our lives.  She teaches us gratitude, perspective, courage and true greatness-- just by living!

PS-- I should tell you the conversation that led me to make this video.  It was with a cute little 5-year-old boy at swim lessons:

Boy:  Wow.  She doesn't have any arms.  That's sad.

Me:  Well, she can do lots of things with her toes and chin and teeth!

Boy:  Yeah... well, she can't feed herself.

Me:  Actually, she does feed herself... every day!

Boy:  Yeah... well she can't use a spoon.

Me:  She's really good with a spoon-- you should see her!

Boy:  Yeah... well she can't brush her own teeth.

Me:  Actually, she does that too, don't you Soph?

Soph:  Mmmhmm.

Boy:  I don't think you're right.

Me:  I guess she'll just have to show you sometime (as I move Sophi away from him-- she's getting quite perturbed).