Sunday, July 20, 2014


We seem to have a knack for lousy timing.  Christi developed vertigo while I was still in Beijing on the way home from our trip to get Cali.  Thinking it might be a stroke, she rode in an ambulance to the emergency room. Graci got the flu, had a precipitous drop in blood pressure and had to be life flighted while I was in Colorado for a sales meeting.  Two weeks ago, Jesi broke her foot while Taylor, Parker and I were in the Lone Peak Wilderness with a minimum two-hour backpack trek out.  

Tonight is the last night of Christi's trip to New York.  She is on a plane home as I type.  The kids and I had just had a family council and planned the rest of the evening.  It would consist of trying to put the house back together before mom got home, me making a yummy dinner (egg mcmuffins!) and some relaxation with a Cosby show to end the evening. We closed with a prayer, went to our respective assignments and promptly heard a scream of pain from Xander.  It seems a chair jumped out and mugged him.  So here we are in the emergency room.  We haven't seen the doctor yet, but I'm guessing 3-5 stitches will be in order.

What is it with us and emergency room trips when only one parent is present?



Guys generally lie about their height.  Measured with no shoes on, I'm 6' 1.25".  I can't tell you how many times some guy has told me he's 6' 2" while I'm looking down at least three inches to make eye contact.  I guess there's some leeway when you consider how much difference shoes can make.  I generally say I'm 6' 2" as well, which I am on a basketball court.  Regardless of how you measure, Taylor recently hit a milestone he has been pining after for a long time.  He is now taller than me:)  I must admit it's strange having to look up when I'm talking to him.  Way to go T!  I look forward to tracking your blocked shots next season!!!