Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ferron, Sweet Ferron!

As a postscript to previous entry: I would suffer the stress of trying to clean a very messy house EVERY DAY in return for the amazing dinner that followed! At the suggestion of my dear friend Heather (you're my HERO), we went to "The Roof" restaurant-- which is housed on the top floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. The view is incredible-- looking out over the Salt Lake temple and surrounding valley. The food is possibly even more incredible!! It's a buffet like you've never experienced-- every single dish was perfectly scrumptious. There were at least twenty amazing desserts!! If it wasn't so expensive, it would be my new very favorite restaurant. Everyone should go there at least once in their lifetime, and they should all have a big bowl of their potato bacon soup-- mmmmmmm. (: So no need to feel sorry for me for the cleaning stress, (though I wouldn't cry if we did get that raise and cleaning woman Teri mentioned). (:(: Oh, and by the way, sweet Teri-- it is SIX, count them-- SIX children we are cleaning after! (:

We had such a great Labor Day weekend in Ferron. I had a bad cold, and if there's anywhere you want to be sick, it's at my parent's house. They really take care of us!!! We had the perfect combination of sleeping in while Mom and Dad got up with the kids (THANK-YOU), staying up late talking and watching hilarious Tim Hawkins clips, going swimming, church, relaxing, hanging out at Millsite (beautiful reservoir), visiting, playing Scrabble, and most importantly, eating Grub Box fries. (: We love Ferron. It is the most peaceful place-- everything seems to slow down there. Sigh.

Now we are back to school, homework, house, yard, garden, projects, church stuff, scouts, sports-- you get the picture. And you know what-- this is great too!!! I really do have such a fun, wonderful life!!!! Xander continues to amaze us with his adaptability-- we just feel like he's always been here! He is so so so very cute and very LOVED!


PS-- We can't find our camera. This is no surprise, as all sorts of things have gone missing, and then been found again in various odd places (cell phones in fridges, scissors in sock drawers-- you get the drift). Most times Xander will know exactly where to find the missing items (go figure), but he claims he doesn't know where the camera is. Just explaining why there are no pictures attached to our recent posts.