Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sweet, Sweet Soph

On finding joy:

This weekend when Jenny was in town, she gave Sophi a couple of dollars.  Today Sophi holds these up and says to me, "I got my moneys back.  Jenny gave them to me.  Now I can be happy!"

On herself:

Me: "Soph, I love you.  You're so special!"
Sohpi:  "I know.  That's why Jesus made me this."
Me: "Made you what?"
Soph:  "SOPHI!"...pause..."Dad, you're just kidding."

On gender:
Me:  "How was school today."
Sophi:  "I cried."
Me:  "Why?"
Sophi:  "Kevin wasn't my bus driver."
Me:  "Who was it?"
Sophi:  "It was a girl!  That's so silly!!!"

On Love (and self-confidence):
Usually when we ask Sophi who loves her, she says "Mommy!"  Then we ask, "who else."  She'll name another family member, we'll ask "who else" again and this goes on and on.  Today Christi asked Sophi, "Who loves you?"  Sophi replied:  "Grandma and Grandpa and Mom and Taylor and Lexi and Dad and Graci and Parker and Elli and Jesi and Xander and Grandma Rose and Grandpa Green and Jenny and Debbie and Yoshi..."