Thursday, June 18, 2020

Amazing Xander

Xander came into our lives with so much joy! Unlike all of our other adoptions, there really was no transition period. When we walked into the room where he was waiting for us in Zhejiang, China, he threw his arms up for a hug and yelled out, "Mama! Baba!" And that was it. He was ours. Completely and 100% committed to us. And us to him. And what an amazing young man he has become. As we were on that adoption trip with several other families, Christi and I just kept telling each other that we had won the jackpot. This little guy had charisma and an infectious exuberance and love and smiles and just glowed. We told each other that we had a future student body president on our hands. Sure enough, Xander was just voted to Student Council for his sophomore year.

Xander has become my buddy, joining me on so many fun adventures or watching shows together or playing H-O-R-S-E in the backyard. He has become a chef extraordinaire. You should try his fancy trout or his onion rings and fried pickles! He is so aware of his family members and ready to serve them as he sees needs arise. Xander is such an amazing part of our family. We are SO grateful to have him!


Our first pictures of Xander:

Meeting him for the first time:)

Still in China:

Sibling love

Started with this...

Created this...

Dragonfly Canyon

Top of the first 200 foot rappel in Moonflower

Just a bit nervous...

Birch Hollow