Friday, July 5, 2013

A peek into Jesi's mind...

Tile floors are done, stucco has started, posts on the stairs are going in...  woo hoo!  SO MUCH FUN!

I was cleaning today (imagine that!!!) and came across Jessica's school journal.  I spent a most wonderful 20 minutes reading through it.  I love that darling girl!  Here is an entry from a few months ago:

So first of all my mom and Dad had Taylor Parker then me/Jessica.  Then my mom had two stillborn babies the girl was Emily and the boy was Jacob and they died so then we adopted Elizabeth, Graci, Xander, Lexi, Sophie and we have Cali.   But in China they haven't finished Conner's adoption pages/  But for now we have people helping us like doing laundry.  Some people made this thing called puzzle them home and they're trying to raise money to help us build a brand new home.  And I'm so grateful for all they do for us.  It is a very nice thing to do.  And by the way we were on studio five news.  And also Honeyville farms gave us some dried fruits like dried strawberries, dried pineapples, dried mangoes and dried corn.  Cali is very nice, cute, amazing, cool, and I know that she has at least three friends at school.  Now for sister Elli.  She goes to a school that has a hot tub and swimming pool inside.  Elli loves treats and toys.  My sister Sophi has no arms and she can Eat, drink, color, brush her teeth and wash her feet with her feet.  My sister Lexi is good at brail and is very nice and friendly.  She has Aren as a friend, Elle and Annie as a friend.  And some other people as friends.  She is very smart.  She likes to play Miss Hanagen.  And she also likes to play forts.  My sister Graci loves to do arts and crafts.  She is very nice.  Graci and I are making a movie for my mom and dad's anniverseary.  I wonder if the camera is going to work.  By the way we haven't adopted Conner yet.  I think that we might have a high deck in the new house.  I love american girl dolls.  I got an american girl doll A.V. or moder home for Christmas and inside there is a bed that pops out, a refrigerator, a stove, a table and two gray canisters.  Xander loves legos, Chinese food, super heros and sometimes he tries to do kung foo on me.  My mom and dad think that he has a 100 dollar smile.  He wants to be a fire man or police man or a builder when he grows up.  My brother Parker loves basketball, base ball and football.  He also likes Chinese food.  My brother Taylor loves pizza from Pizza Hut and he also likes basket ball and base ball and football too.  For my dads work he helps doctors to know which medasin to give to the pashints.  And he also tucks me in the right way.  He also makes apple betty the right way.  My mom makes really good scocharoos.