Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It Works

So, as some of you know through facebook, I'm doing something crazy.  Have you ever heard of that "crazy wrap thing?"  I first heard about it a year or so ago and through it just sounded weird.  But last Fall, a couple of my best friends from Tennessee became distributors and started posting about it.  Hmmm.  They are not weird, so maybe the wraps aren't so weird.  (:  I asked a ton of questions and the answers were good enough for me to want to try some of their products.  Since using "the greens" (a powder you add to water and drink every day-- giving you the nutritional benefits of 8+ servings of fruits and veggies) both of my friends and their families have seen incredible health results.  One example-- my friend has had high blood pressure her whole life and it is now low.  She has tried many other things and this has had by far the best results. Her mother has had tinnitus for years and now it is completely gone.  There have been so many other issues they have dealt with that are now better, and they and their families are enjoying more energy and better health.  Sounded awesome, so I wanted to learn more!

Well, to order products from It Works, you should really do one of two things:  become a loyal customer (you are obligated to buy a product every month for three months) or become a distributor.  Doing one of those two things gives you the product at much lower prices.  So I asked my friend, Gretchen, what I should do.  She told me that if I had at least four friends I thought would become loyal customers, that I should become a distributor and therefore earn commissions.  Sounded great.  There's only one thing-- I HATE selling things.  I've never done it.  But she assured me that these products can sell themselves and so I decided to give it a try.  (By the way, Gretchen has been a distributor since September and is now making MUCH more than she is making at her job as a kindergarten teacher-- I am SO happy for her!)

But before I put myself out there and shared it on the blog, I wanted to see if it really worked for myself.  I didn't want to promote something that I didn't believe in.  First I tried the wraps.  Actually, Jeremy and I tried them together.  We were totally laughing as we took the before pictures, put the wraps on, and wrapped each other in saran wrap to hold them in place.  At first, it just felt a little wet, but within a few minutes it felt tingly and awesome.  We watched a show with the wraps on and did not want to take them off because they felt so nice!  We took the obligatory after photos, both that same night and 72 hours later.  To be completely honest, besides the fact that it felt AMAZING, I didn't know if it really worked-- I couldn't tell if I looked different.  Until just now-- when I loaded my photos onto the computer and used a side-by-side app to see if this is something I could really blog about.  There was a DEFINITE difference.  My stomach looked more contoured and less bulgy 72 hours after the wrap.  So cool!  I am not comfortable posting my own before and afters, but I'll add some from people I know at the bottom of this post.

WAY more important to me than the stomach thing is that after using "the greens" for a few days, I am definitely feeling better!  I have more energy and am accomplishing more-- something I have been CRAVING for a long time!!  In fact, a couple of weeks ago I went to the doctor to have him check my thyroid-- I was sure it must be low because I was just so tired all the time on top of some other related symptoms.  My blood work came back-- thyroid was normal, but my vitamin D was low.   I got a prescription for vitamin D but honestly haven't even started to take it yet (I keep forgetting!) because I am feeling so much better from the greens.   

A disclaimer about the greens.  I got the berry flavor because I was told the orange was nasty, but the first time I tried it, I thought she must have told me the wrong flavor b/c it was NOT great.  I asked Gretchen if she had hints, and she told me that some of her kids add it to lemonade or juice but that if I kept drinking it just mixed with water, I would develop a taste for it.  She also told me to mix it with really cold water.  I didn't think she could be right, but she was-- I'm totally fine with the taste now and have only been doing it for a week.  I don't like the smell, but the taste is fine.  And apparently they have "chews" now that you can take if you don't like to drink it.  The chews seem to be a big hit for kids because they taste like Skittles.  (:

So... if any of you are still reading and are interested, go to my page and check out the products.  Then leave me a comment if you want to find out more.  If you live close and want to just try one wrap to see if you like it, let me know and I'll give it to you at the loyal customer price without you needing to sign up.   I'll be happy to wrap you myself.  (:  But I'm telling you, I have only heard amazing things from everyone that is trying these products so if you want to look and feel better, you should consider either becoming a loyal customer and trying out a few different products or a distributor and sharing it with your own friends.  You can ask questions in the comment section or you can just email me at christi405@yahoo.com if you want to find out more-- or you can just order directly from my page

Happy drinking and wrapping!  (;