Sunday, March 15, 2009

Brave Woman

Today as we were getting ready for church, Christi called to me from in front of our bathroom mirror. As I walked in she asked, "Are you impressed?" I looked at what she was doing. Amazingly, she was curling Elli's hair! Like with a CURLING IRON! Yes, this is the same Elli that so many of you have met. The Elli who doesn't let you do anything to her or for her unless she is in the perfect mood. The Elli who, pound for pound, is stronger than anyone I know. But there she was, patiently letting Christi curl her ebony tresses. That was a miracle unto itself. And can I just tell you how DARLING my precious daughter was when mama got through with her? (Sadly, we didn't think to take any pictures.)

Elli is truly having miracles occur in her life. She is such a joy to our family. Tonight it was her turn to say family prayer. When she prays, she will either repeat a phrase Christi has whispered in her ear or complete a phrase that Christi begins. Tonight, she not only completed several phrases very clearly, but she also started some new phrases on her own. She is coming along so well. Our friend, Teri, responded to a previous post in a way that puts it perfectly: "Elli has learned that language is useful and that is the BEST indicator for her continued learning of vocabulary (simple naming) and pragmatics (the use of language).Doing the happy dance here in FLA for your darling ELLI!!! She has had her "water" moment (ever seen "The Miracle Worker?" If not, rent it!). :~)" Elli really has learned that language is useful, that's words represent something that she wants to communicate. It is an interesting thing to see this concept unfold in slow motion for a person. Most kids pick up this concept so quickly and utilize it so rapidly that you never notice the process that was required as they were learning how to communicate. With Elli, it's all in slow motion, and we are really appreciating the miracle of communication as we see her progress.

As previously mentioned in this space, our Taylor is the most grateful kid in the world. This morning I spent a couple of hours reviewing his Bear Cub Scout requirements with him. We planned out what he needs to do to receive this award and several arrows prior to his 10th birthday. When we were done, he turned to me and gave me the strongest hug and said: "Thank you Dad, for doing all this stuff with me!" No better reward in the world:)