Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of School

I just ran a marathon!

Well, not really. I just feel that way, after getting SEVEN kids off to school this morning!! It all started at approximately 5:40 a.m., when I heard Lexi and Sophi chatting away in their bedrooms. I wondered what had awoken them so early, but I didn't wonder for long, because after trying to settle them down and returning to my bed I heard the sounds of our neighbors chickens. Repeated every 15 seconds or so for the next hour. No, we don't live in the country-- our neighbors just happen to have chickens. And to be fair, I usually don't notice them. But of course they would be loud the one morning I wanted the kiddos to get enough sleep! (:

When I finally rolled out of bed at 6:40, I found that Graci was already up and dressed (no surprise there.) I thought I had plenty of time to get everyone off on time, after all, Jer and I stayed up last night getting lunches and backpacks ready. It seemed simple-- Taylor and Graci leave at 7:25, Parker, Jessica, Lexi and Xander at 7:45, Elli at 8:35. I'm still not sure what was so hard about getting them all out the door, but it was quite the feat!

It really hit me last night as I was making lunches how much food we're going to go through this year with three more in full day school (Lexi, Xander, and Elli are all in 1st grade this year!) I opened a box of Capri Suns and by the time I had seven lunches packed, realized that the two boxes I had purchased won't even get us through 3 days. Besides the amount of food, I have to really think about the type. I don't want to send anything very messy with Lexi, and Jesi and Elli are both pretty picky. This is going to be fun!!

So here I am, just me and Soph. It's so quiet! I should probably be excited, but I just feel kind of empty. I love summers and having all my kids home with me. I really, really miss them. Not only that, but the house is a mess, Soph wants to play, I need to go shopping, and there's so much to do-- so it's not exactly like I'm getting a break. Believe it or not, I'm just wanting the time to fly so I can find out how the kids' day went-- I'm always nervous for them on their first day1

Now that school has started, I am making a goal to blog every day. It makes me so happy when I see the kids sitting here at the computer, reading through past posts and smiling. I love how journaling helps me keep perspective and remember all of the blessings I have daily. I love having a record of this wonderful, crazy life of mine. So, here's to a new school year, new experiences, and lots of blog posts to capture them. (:


Here is my attempt to get Sophi to watch a show while I blogged. I figured if I set her up well enough (she has to have her two dolls, two Minnies, and a drink) that maybe she would actually last through a whole show. Not a chance, but it did give me 15 minutes... (: