Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary

August 11, 2009 11:00 PM China time

About 6:00 tonight, Christi looked over at me and said, “Hey. It’s our anniversary!” So this was our most memorable, but least remembered, celebration of the greatest day of our lives. (Or at least my life. Sometimes I think Christi got gypped. But I do know she loves me tons:) Just prior to that realization, we had returned home from a full day. Notarization and registration of documents took several hours. Then we went with the kids to a Lotus Shopping Center (bigger than WalMart!) We made the mistake of going through the toy section. Anyway, while at the shopping center, I snuck a Dove chocolate bar into our cart without anyone knowing. When we got home, I pulled Christi into the bathroom and locked the door. We both took a deep breath and treated ourselves to a few minutes of peace and a few bites of chocolate. Christi was seated on the edge of the tub. I was on the toilet. You know you’re getting old when that’s as romantic as it gets on your anniversary:)

So now the kids are in bed and Christi and I are just about to settle down and watch an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series on the computer. (Christi had never seen a full episode of any Star Trek prior to three months ago! I introduced her, and now she’s a little Trekkie:) We’ll post more tomorrow, but know that we are still so in love with X-man (as I like to call him). Oh, we got him a pair of sandals today that seem to be MUCH better for him. Shoes are going to be interesting…