Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gotta Love It!

Christi and the kids are in Ferron with her parents. I am here alone. I miss my family. Why did I not go to Ferron with them? Because the Utah State Tax Commission thought it would be in their best interest to audit my taxes from 2007. This means I have to copy every receipt from both Elli's and Graci's adoptions. I don't even know how the auditor will treat receipts from China. Most are not very professional. I spent several hours on the project today, and just finished with Elli's receipts. Tomorrow I'll tackle Graci's. I am not very enamored with my state right now. Actually, I love the state, it's the government that makes me want to cry:( Of course this was perfect timing, seeing as I don't really have very much going on over the next couple of weeks!

Hope your Saturday is more fun than mine...