Monday, February 17, 2014

How Could Adoption Bless Your Family?

I read this article about an amazing young woman today:  Teen Driven To Help Others.  As I read the article, I was overwhelmed by what a difference adoption has made; for her, for her family, for the children she is working to help.  One thing that particularly struck me was how the older missionary couple saw a need and approached a younger family, asking if they had room in their family for a child in desperate need in Africa.  This couple didn't wait for someone to come to them and tell them they had been thinking about adoption.  Instead they went to a couple with three kids and invited them to consider opening their hearts and home to a precious child of God who was probably dying of malnutrition.  By responding to this invitation, this beautiful family invited immeasurable blessings into their lives and into the life of this sweet girl.

So here's an invitation:  Do YOU have room in your family for another child?  A child missing perhaps the most fundamental of human rights…a family?  A child with a small or large disability from China?  A child in the foster care system in the US, praying every night for a mom or a dad to tuck her in?  A child who has acted out because he has never had the role models he needs to see what "good" looks like?  I encourage each of you to consider it.  I can't promise that it will be right for everyone.  But I can promise that it will be right for some.  

Here's a link to a site with the faces to show this is not just "children in China."  These are precious spirit children of our Father in Heaven who need help.  Twenty Less.