Thursday, September 29, 2011


First of all, remind me to never make promises again about daily posts. It seems each time I do, life gets busier than ever before!!

Something about each of us:

Lexi-- I loved this email I got from her teacher this week:

"I wanted to share a cute story about Lexi that happened the other day. I was talking with her and she was holding onto my arm. She felt a little bump on my arm and asked me, 'What's that?' I replied with, 'Oh it's just a little bump on my skin.' She said, 'No....That's not a bump...It's the letter A.' It took me a minute to remember that the letter A is one dot. I thought that was really cute."

I don't know if I mentioned it, but Lexi is in a regular classroom. She has a full time aid that helps her and she has vision/mobility specialists that work with her as well. She is doing really well at learning braille and just LOVES school. The special education department head said in an email this morning, "We are LOVING Lexi, she is just this bright light in our school. Always so positive and kind."

Xander: We received quite a shock a couple of weeks ago when we took Xander to a new doctor up at Primary Children's. My sister had found this doctor through her son's orthopedist and we were both delighted to find that he actually knows what he is talking about when it comes to conditions like our sons have. He just came from Boston-- the absolute best treatment center in the world for these kinds of conditions. Anyway... we have been told this whole time that Xander has KT Syndrome, when in actuality, he has Cloves Syndrome. They are similar in many ways, but this new diagnosis is actually a very good one for Xander! There are only 55 diagnosed cases worldwide. It brings with it some good news-- there is a possibility of debulking his leg!! He will be getting a few rounds of sclerotherapy, starting next week, and then we'll see where we are at. It looks like we may have to travel to Boston for some surgeries. Totally not what we need right now, but on the other hand, I've always wanted to go to Boston! (: I am so glad that he is now under the care of an extremely competent and likable doctor. YAY!

Parker: Received his Arrow of Light this week. I can take virtually no credit for it either-- his dad does all the scouting at our house. But it's nice that it's the moms that get to come up and have their boys give them a pin. (: We're proud of you, Parker!

Lexi loved playing the drums!

Taylor: I always talk about how good Parker is with the littles, but I forget sometimes to mention that Taylor is pretty sweet himself! The other day I asked him to watch Sophi while I ran somewhere. When I came home, he had dumped all of the toys out of the Barbie basket and had her in it, "giving her a bath." They were playing some make-believe, darling game that made Sophi so happy. I think it's a pretty good brother that would do something like that.

Graci: Grace was so excited to share with us that she got one of the top three scores on a test in her math class-- woo hoo! She does so well with her schoolwork, despite the fact that she's doing it all in her second language. (: On a more serious note, at Graci's last cardiology appointment, we found that her health issues are getting a bit worse. She is going in today for a cardiac MRI that can hopefully show the doctor what to do next. We would love if you would keep her in your prayers.
This is Graci with the things she knitted for her dolly. (:

Sophi: Is finally loving preschool! Took her awhile to get used to going, but now she leaves with a smile on her face. YAY! She goes twice a week for two hours, which is perfect for her. Here are some "first day of school" shots that were actually taken on the third day-- oops!

Elli: Elli, oh Elli. What can you say? She fluctuates from being the sweetest thing on the planet to a HUGE handful. Sometimes it's day to day, and sometimes minute to minute. Good thing we love her so much!! We were able to go to a school carnival/fundraiser a couple of weeks ago and meet her wonderful teachers. What would we do without these kind of people in her life?!!

: Started ballet and loves it. She loves to come up with different outfits to wear each week. (This is actually Graci's skirt from Grandma-- isn't it cute?)

Us: We had the absolute greatest time on our little getaway. We drove down to Manti and attended a session at the Manti Temple, where we were married. It was such a beautiful experience for both of us. We stayed that night in a nice bed and breakfast and just had such a good time being together and SLEEPING IN! We drove the Nebo Loop on our way home. It is a gorgeous drive. Especially breathtaking this time of year with the leaves turning colors. That evening, I attended Women's Conference with my mom up at the Conference Center. The talks were all wonderful, but we both especially enjoyed Elder Uchtdorf's. He is such a great man. What a treat for me-- two nights off in a row! (: