Monday, April 22, 2013

The foundation is in!

I seriously have to keep pinching myself.  What wasn't even a consideration a year ago has gone from seeming impossible to improbable to unlikely to impossible to maybe to no-way-on-earth to this-might-really-happen to Holy-Cow-There's-A-Massive-Hole-In-The-Ground!!!  Last Wednesday they began excavation.  Footers were laid on Thursday.  Today they poured the foundation.  I really can't express how unbelievable this entire project is.  We are SOOO grateful and excited and bouncing off the walls around here.  We go visit the property multiple times a day.  I really can't tell you all what this means to our family!

Thank you for all you have done!


They had to perform a water-pressure test at the nearest fire hydrant...

And so it begins!

I'm a construction novice, so this seemed like the coolest thing ever!