Saturday, June 16, 2012

Conversation with Jess

Jesi comes walking into my room holding a DVD.  "Dad, instead of two shows can I just watch a movie since that would be the same as two shows."

Me (assuming Christi must have told her she could watch two shows):  "Who told you that you could watch two shows?"

Jesi:  "I don't want to watch two shows!  I want to watch a movie!"

Me:  "Yes, but who said you could watch two shows in the first place?"

Jess (with a furrowed brow):  "But I'm not watching two shows, I'm watching a movie and that's the same as two shows!"

Me: "But did somebody tell you it was OK if you watched two shows?"

Jesi (a pitying look on her face):  "You don't get it do you?  A movie is the same as two shows, and I want to watch a movie."

Me:  "Let's wait until Mommy gets back and then we'll talk to her about it."

Jess:  "You're still confused, aren't you."

Conversation with Soph

Christi and I were in our room planning out our Saturday.  Sophi wanders in and in a sweet little voice asks, "Daddy, can I have some yogurt?"

Me:  "Sorry Sophi, but we don't have any yogurt."

Soph:  "I gonna ask mommy.  Mommy, can I have some yogurt?"

Christi:  "Sorry Sophi, but we don't have any yogurt?"

Sophi:  "Xander had some yogurt."

Me:  "Maybe there is some yogurt."

Sophi:  "I know.  I can ask Graci."

Me:  "OK."

All of this was said in Sophi's sweet little angel voice.  She continues in this voice:  "OK.  I ask Graci."  Then she walks out of our room and makes an instantaneous switch to her do what I say and do it NOW voice.  She bellows out at the top of her lungs.  "GRACI, YOU GET ME SOME YOGURT!"

Ah, sweet Sophi.  She is at once charming, consternating and positively precious:)