Friday, November 4, 2016

Parental Evaluation

Christi is out of town for the weekend so I got the kids off to school on my own this morning.  Well, I did have some very valuable help!  Jessica did Sophi's and Lexi's hair :).  (Thank heavens!)  As I was getting the little girls' shoes and socks on before driving them to the elementary, Sophi asked for me to pack her a snack "like mom always does."  Lexi wanted one, too.

Me: "What do you want."
Lexi:  "Some of the mint oreos."
Me: "Those are all gone."
Lexi:  "But you said you would pack them for my snack yesterday and you forgot!"
Me:  "Sorry.  I'm a terrible father."
Lexi:  "But you're not like Snape, though."

So what exactly does that mean?  Yes, Dad, you're a terrible father, but you could be worse if you wore a black dress, had greasy hair and intentionally made my life as miserable as possible at every opportunity.  Thanks for the vote of confidence, Lex ;)