Monday, May 16, 2011

Pics and other random cute stuff

This weekend our church had a spring get together with food and games and activities for the kids. One thing they had was some amateur face painting. Of course Jesi was dying to have her face painted. Lexi had never had her face painted before, and she wanted to join in. I suggested a butterfly, and she was as excited as could be to have a butterfly on her face. The line was taking quite awhile, and Jesi was standing there holding Lexi's hand. The wheels suddenly turned in her head, and she hollered out to me: "Dad, can't special needs go to the front of the line?" We're not in Disneyland anymore, dear Jess!

As they were waiting, an impending thunderstorm suddenly broke. We were under a pavilion, but we were still getting some rain on us as the wind blew in. It was time to go! With several patient little girls still wanting their faces painted, a sweet mom jumped in to help. It was her first time doing this, and she let everyone know that results were not guaranteed. She painted a cat on Jesi:

Later, Jesi told me, "This was Mrs. Dunn's first time face painting, and she did a pretty good job!" :) The same mom painted Xander's face. He was intent on being Batman. She asked me for advice, and I laughed, given my absolute lack of artistic talent. When she was finished, she said he looked more like Gene Simmons from KISS than like Batman, but Xander was happy, and that's all that matters!

Yesterday, we went on a drive to look at properties and homes we wish we could afford. We invited the kids to come along, and Jesi was the only older kid that wanted to join us. She wasn't wearing shoes, and, as is her usual way, she just slipped somebody else's on. Only this time, she went for Christi's boots. As soon as I had the camera out, she went into pose mode, and, despite my repeated request for a "normal" shot, this is what I got out of her. That girl!!!

Sophi trying to put her own pants on:
Notice how they are on backwards, and she can't get them up much past her knees:)

Two peas in a pod:
Love my kids!!!