Friday, February 12, 2010

Random tid-bits about our family:


Takes off his wedding ring to weigh himself. You know, in case its HALF AN OUNCE makes a difference.

Played “Zero the Hero” this week in Jesi’s kindergarten class. Her teacher said he was “phenomenol.”

Loves shrimp tacos. Possibly more than he loves me.


Has more doctors than she has fingers, including several cardiologists, an orthopedist, and, most recently, a neurosurgeon.

Loves money. Will do almost anything for money. (This comes in very handy for me.)

Sleeps with 2 pillows, 6 blankets and 24 stuffed animals.


Is found nearly every morning on the floor, huddled over the heating vent, with a blanket completely covering him—sound asleep. (He does this after waking up in the morning to use the bathroom.)

Has the team record for number of shots made in a row during practice—24!! (The previous record was 5!)

Eats as much as most adults. Or elephants. For example, I sent in his school lunch a ham sandwich, drink, bag of chips, a big orange, carrot sticks, and two large cookies. He came home and said, “Mom, can you start sending bigger lunches?”


Will be a great husband—he always notices if I’ve changed my hair, clothes, or even eye-shadow, and constantly comes up and hugs me “just because.”

Puts ketchup on his tacos (a Nelson thing).

Does not like to sleep in.


Went on her daddy date last night. Approached Jeremy right before, took his hand and asked demurely, “Are you ready to go on a date with such a beautiful girl?” Later told me she had a crush on Daddy.

Likes to take a purse of “stuff” wherever she goes.

Is not afraid to speak her mind. She was unhappy I was leaving the other day to go to the store. She said (not in her princess voice) “I am very very frustrated at you, Mommy. I am very angry. And the angry is not going to go away. There is nothing that will make the angry go away.” As it turns out, playing dress-up with Graci made the angry go away. Instantly.


Is singing “Frosty the Snowman” at the top of her lungs as I type this.

Will sit on the potty and “go” about 75% of the time. Will also “go” various other places. For example, yesterday when I went to get her up in the morning, she had taken off her jammies and diaper and had somehow (still can’t figure out how she possibly did it) climbed up into the windowsill and was squatting on it, playing in a puddle of urine.

Says “chocolate ball” probably about 50,000 times a day. (She fell in love with these at my parents house over the holidays.)


Found the haircutting scissors and decided to try them out. Ended up looking like top pic. Wasn't happy when Mom gave him a buzz. Best friend Annie (whom he has a bit of a crush on) told him she liked his new haircut. Was immediately VERY happy with the buzz.

Bursts into tears if you so much as raise an eyebrow at him.

Has superpowers of various sorts. I never knows when I will be turned into a dragon, or a frog, or made to disappear.

Good to be back in the blogging world. Thanks so much for sending postcards to Jesi. I think she’s received 5-6, and in her words, “The gingerbread really really loves me. More than anyone else in my class. He loves Sawyer too, but not quite as much as me.” (:

Oh, and get ready to fall in love…