Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Outlaw part 2

Yes, Rebecca.  I would call that post a risky move on Jeremy's part.  We'll see how he fares when he gets home from work today and finds I have discovered his tattle.

Since I'm already busted, it may make you laugh to hear the rest of the story.  First of all, I am really not the speeding type.  But that particular day, I had EVERYTHING go wrong, including a late bus which made me late picking up kids.  I had to hurry to get back home for something important and so I was (without even realizing it) driving faster than normal.  Forty in a twenty-five, to be exact--  oops.  I started laughing when I got pulled over because it was so fitting-- my whole day had gone that way.  I got my ticket and put it in the glove compartment.  For those of you lucky not to know this, you have to wait five days before paying your ticket.  Well, after five days had passed, I had totally forgotten about it.  So when I received my "notice" in the mail, I was completely caught off guard.  They had added a $50 fine to my ticket for being late-- argh!  I called in to see if I could have it waived and was told that if I came to speak to the judge, he would likely take off the late fine.  So I set up a time to come to court.  Of course, all of this was done without telling anyone.  My kids are already back seat drivers and would not be happy if they found I was caught speeding, plus let's face it-- a speeding ticket is not something to brag about to others.  Well, last week was my court date.  I went to the city offices, filled out my form, and watched a little video explaining my rights.  It was a little nerve wracking being as it was my first time in court.  As I went to enter the courtroom, the officer in charge told me, "Oh, just to let you know, we have a few scouts visiting today to see what the court process is like."  I walked in and the first face I saw was a scout FROM MY WARD.  UGH!!!  So much for keeping a secret.  I had to stand in front of the judge (who was super nice and more than happy to waive my fee) and plead guilty with these cute neighborhood boys watching me.  Just my luck.  So much for keeping my ticket a secret!!!!!



We had another comment requesting an update on Cali.  Here's a link to a post from last month.  She's a doll (and loves to tease her dad!)

Our beautiful girl last Halloween:



Christi got a speeding ticket about six weeks ago.  Failing to pay for it in a timely manner resulted in her receiving a notification of a pending warrant for her arrest.  I'm trying to decide if my obligations as a good citizen compel me to call local law enforcement and report her last known whereabouts…. ;)