Monday, September 24, 2012

Over the Hill

Jeremy turned 40 yesterday!  I told him for weeks that he had better kiss me all he could before his birthday because I didn't think I could kiss a 40 year-old, but as it turns out, it's kind of hot!  (;

Jer's sister, Jenny, who happens to share the same birthday, flew out from Portland to surprise him for the weekend.  Believe it or not, I managed to keep it a secret (didn't tell the kids) and he was genuinely shocked to find her sitting in the living room when he came home from work on Friday!  We had a great weekend with a perfect balance of spending time as adults and hanging out with the family.  On Saturday, Jer, Jenny, and I went to the Hale Theatre to see "Arsenic and Old Lace."  It was fantastic!  While we were there and the big kids were home babysitting, Parker managed to find the time to write Jeremy this awesome poem:

Dear dad you are great
although often times late
but man you can cook some good chili,
 you also keep your cool
 as we get ready for school
and our family runs all willy nilly.
You teach us to obey
to love and to pray
 and to never break the first law of camping.
You help me with scouts
and often sit on the couch
and sometimes tell us no snacking. (Hypocrite)
You’re my dad you’re my coach
you’re my lad you’re a cockroach,
no I’m just kidding about that last one,
 and now that your forty
 I can call you an oldy
but we can still have a lot of fun.
 You take me on hikes
and taught me how to ride a bike
but not how to write a good poem.
From Lone Peak to kids day
your awesome in your own way
and I guess I’ll end by saying
Happy 40th Birthday!


Jeremy was also treated with a darling dance from Jesi and Graci that they spent hours choreographing.  Oh, and we mustn't forget Lexi.  While Jenny and Jer were sleeping in on their birthday, she asked if she could write letters for them.  We pulled out her brailler.  She started out, "Dear Dad," and then paused for quite awhile.  I asked her if she wanted to say, "You are a great dad" or talk about how nice or handsome he was and she said very seriously, "No.  I just want to say, 'You are so old'."  So that's what her letter said-- "Dear Dad, you are so old.  Love Lexi."  Jenny's was a bit better-- "Dear Jenny, you are 37.  Love Lexi."  (:

Happy Birthday, Jer and Jenny.  We love you!