Wednesday, June 17, 2015

All Grown Up

I would guess that most parents with more than one child can remember a particular article of clothing that went through more than one of their kids.  We have a pair of children's size 10/11 flip flops from Old Navy that went through at least five of ours.  When we bought them for Taylor they had a sunny beach scene on them with palm trees and a shoreline.  Now, after going through Taylor, Parker, Jessica, Lexi and Sophi, you can see the toe and heel prints going all the way through the printed image and the rest is just faded to yellow and white.

Yesterday I found Christi cleaning up Lexi and Sophi's room.  She held up these cute little flip flops and, with genuine sadness, informed me that we no longer had any children who fit into this 12-year-old footwear.  The silliest things can tug at your heart strings as a dad.  The flip flops themselves are of little value, but seeing all of our kids grow out of them made me realize just how fast everyone is growing up.

I am so grateful for the time I have had and continue to have with this fantastic group!  Thanks to all of my kids for giving me so many great times and great memories.  I love you all!