Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Houdini is at it again!

I just spent $85 on three pair of pajamas.  This is not like me AT ALL, but I'm desperate.  Elli has a new obsession this week-- eating her pull-ups.  (Wet or otherwise.)  It is completely overwhelming me.  She often will spit the pieces back out, so our house tends to get covered with little pieces of chewed up diaper. Her room looks like it's covered in hail.  The vacuum can't keep up with her.   But she is also swallowing them, resulting in all kinds of stomach/diaper issues.  She is eating a LOT of this stuff.  I mean, she is shoving the pieces in her mouth with a crazed passion.  Poison control has confirmed they are nontoxic, but that doesn't mean they don't cause bowel issues.   Have you ever accidentally had a pull-up go through the wash?  All of those little gel things expand and become nightmarish.  Yesterday I had her in the tub, trying to clean her up after a particularly bad episode.  I left for like, 2 seconds and came back to find she had gotten sick in the tub.  She had then laid in the icky water and had little pieces of gel diaper all throughout her hair.  That was not my favorite thing to take care of.  (;

Yes, I have tried not using the pull-ups.  We've used expensive training underwear but she leaks right through them and then we constantly have other lovely issues to deal with.

This is not fun.  I've tried lots of things to no avail, then remembered my friend Holly's email to me awhile ago about some awesome p.j.'s that worked for her son who also has autism.  These p.j.'s have a slogan that caught my eye:


Being as how we call her "little Houdini" I thought that maybe these were made JUST FOR HER.  I'll tell you what, if this slogan is true, I would pay $85 for ONE pair!  Wish me luck and speedy shipping.   And no more little pieces of diaper floating around my house.  UGH.