Saturday, April 21, 2012

Best. News. Ever.

Most of you know a bit of Graci's health struggles. She has gone through a tremendous number of doctor appointments and surgeries in the last few years, mostly for her heart, but for other reasons as well. It was very hard news for her when after her last open heart surgery, she was put on oxygen at home. Many people didn't even know she was on oxygen because she didn't have to wear it while we were out and about or when she was at school. At home she often took it off when people came over or when we took pictures. All too often she didn't wear it all together because she hated it so much, and that has been a constant battle. She has however ALWAYS used it at night-- a must from her cardiologist. We even had to cart it on our trip to China, and on any other overnight trips.

We have been purposely vague about the extent of Graci's health issues and will continue to be, but I'm sure it is apparent that things were not good. She did, after all, get a wish from the Make-a-Wish foundation and has been in and out of the hospital many times. Every surgery she has had has gone better than expected, but her condition has still been very, very serious. When Graci was initially placed on oxygen, we were told it would be for the rest of her life, and that as things worsened (not if, but when), she would have to wear it at school as well.

Graci had none of that and says she always knew that she would be off oxygen one day, and Thursday, that day came! We were in for her routine ECHO and EKG, done every 4-6 months. Miraculously, her stats are on a big uphill trend. We knew after her surgery in November that things were looking good, but we didn't know that they were THIS good! (: Her cardiologist said that it is time to be cautiously optimistic about everything and TOOK HER OFF HER OXYGEN!

Insert cheers!!!!!!!!!! (: (: (:

I was shocked. I know I shouldn't have been, because the Lord can do anything. But it hadn't even crossed my mind that she would ever get off the oxygen. Her cardiologist was shocked himself. In fact, I think Graci was the only one not shocked. She just smiled like it was no big deal. (:

For all of those who have prayed and fasted for our Graci over the past few years, we thank you! We know without a doubt that God has heard those prayers. We know of His perfect love for Graci, and we knew that miracles could occur with her health, we just didn't know if they would. But they have! And we are overcome with gratitude for a loving Father in Heaven who made it so.

Graci, we love you. You are such a light in our home. We admire your strength and courage and pure, unwavering testimony of Christ. We are so, so blessed to have you in our eternal family. There are so many people all over the world who love you and need you HERE! We are looking forward to many more years for you to grace our lives with your sweet, quirky ways. (: Happy NO MORE OXYGEN Day, little Ling Ling!

He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds. --Psalms 147:3

Taking her out to dinner to celebrate!