Thursday, September 30, 2010


Before we had to change insurances this year, we didn't have to think much about where we filled our prescriptions. We had great coverage. Now, we have to pay everything out of pocket, and we have found it pays to call around and ask different pharmacies what the cost would be. My doctor prescribed two meds for the shingles. I called three pharmacies, and these were the results:

Smiths: Valtrex-- $434
generic Valtrex-- $164
Gabapentin-- $36

Walgreens: Valtrex-- $428
generic Valtrex-- $334
Gabapentin-- $97

Costco: Valtrex-- $394
generic Valtrex-- $104
Gabapentin-- $14

Don't you feel for the poor person who has shingles and goes to Walgreens?! You can bet that I drove an extra 15 minutes to go to Costco! (And that I opted for generic Valtrex.) The crazy thing is that Costco isn't always the cheapest. Some meds we end up getting at Smith's and others at Walgreens. I'll never figure out why there is such a discrepancy is prices...

Also, I had to post Jesi's prayer tonight. It would not would be so unique if you didn't know that we don't usually address God as "God" when we pray. We always call him Heavenly Father, or our Father in Heaven. Not because calling Him God wouldn't be ok-- just because the other way feels more personal and describes our relationship with Him. So it just sounded funny to hear her pray tonight:

"Dear God in Heaven,
God, we are soooo thankful for this day. And God, please help us to have the Spirit with us so we will only have goodness in our hearts and not any badness. And please, God, bless Elli to have miracles. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

Off to try an oatmeal bath-- ahhhhhhhhhh!