Saturday, April 25, 2009

Home Alone

Well, not exactly alone. I'm home with five ragamuffins but no wife. One can feel rather alone under those circumstances. Christi left last night and will be home tomorrow morning. Her mom is in charge of a spiritual/motivational conference for women in their area, and Christi was asked to give a 50-minute presentation. So I don't envy her the task of preparing for or giving the presentation. But now the conference is over, and Christi is relaxing at her parents home with no kids to take care of. I am a bit envious of that.

The morning started out with a bang. Elli went to the bathroom in the bathtub. (Sidenote: I am so proud of Jessica right now! She is sitting in my lap as I type this. She commented on how quickly I was typing. Then, just after I typed Elli's name, she said, "Why are you putting Elli up there?" WOW! I can't believe she was able to recognize Elli's name so quickly and so well. Cool:) Anyway, I discovered Elli's treat for me when I asked Jesi to look in on Elli in the tub. Jesi called out to me: "Daddy, the water is all brown!" Ah, the joys of parenthood. Everything has been cleaned up now, and the kids are doing pretty well.

For part of Christi's presentation, she put together a slide show of pictures about Elli. Here it is:

Have a great weekend!