Thursday, December 6, 2012

Everyone's fine and in China!

Greetings all - I'm Dave Ausdenmoore - Aus to all y'all - and I was just recruited by Jer to "ghost post" for them while they are in country. Jer and some of his family met Marie and I (and some of our's) in Guangzhou during Graci's adoption trip (it was our daughter Braelyn's adoption trip as well) and suffice to say we bonded on that trip and have since. We are brothers through this wonderful thing called adoption and Faith.

I was ask to just let everyone know that all of them are safe and healthy in China, and as fast as Jer get's me data and / or pictures I'll put them up here.

Remember that we are fighting time zones and the date line - not to mention that the Internet here is not the Internet everywhere - it was freqently difficult to get a reliable connection when we were in China.  And I'm in the Eastern Time Zone.

All for now - and I'm just oh so happy for them!