Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Puzzle Them Home

There simply aren’t words in the English language to convey what we are feeling in our hearts right now.  We are profoundly grateful, giddy, humbled, excited, overjoyed.  As Parker said in his prayer last night, “We are so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so thankful.”  Even that doesn’t do our gratitude justice.   Not even close!

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.  Let’s start from the beginning—earlier this year—when we fasted and prayed over whether or not to adopt beautiful Cali and handsome Conner.  How could it be right?  A girl in a wheelchair.  A 12-year-old who was blind.  Twelve people in this already very full house. 

And yet it was.

Our answers were sure, and peace was given.  We knew it was right, and that our Father in Heaven approved.  We took that scary step in the darkness, trusting that there would be light.  We decided that sweet Cali was better off in a home that wasn’t wheelchair accessible than she was in a group home without a family.  We believed that Conner would be happier with nine brothers and sisters and all of their things to trip over than in an orphanage by himself.  They would have the gospel, medical care, an education, opportunity, and lots and lots of love.

Still, we prayed.  We prayed specifically that we could get a new home that would be better for our family.  We yearned for a place that Elli could freely play without being so destructive.  (We don't think we can even convey how life-changing that would be for us)!  We wished for a way to make things more comfortable for Cali.  We prayed earnestly night and day.  Jesi began to add to her prayers, “…and if it so be Thy will, please let it be from Extreme Makeover Home Edition.”  (;  As you may remember, both she and Xander sobbed when they realized that that show had been cancelled.

But it seems something even more wonderful is happening.

A few months ago, we got a phone call from a friend in the ward, Chrissy.  She had seen our video announcing our upcoming adoptions and was calling to let us know that she had felt impressed to lead a fundraiser to help us build a new home.  Can you even imagine getting a call like that?  We were speechless and overwhelmed with gratitude. We immediately felt the Spirit confirm in our hearts that this was something from God. 

We felt so loved.

That phone call has evolved into something beautiful.  Chrissy joined forces with some wonderful, amazing people in our community.  They have met weekly to discuss and brainstorm and plan and organize.  They have spent hours and hours on our behalf.  They have caused us to literally jump up and down with excitement!!  They have brought us to our knees with tears of gratitude.

They have carved out a place in our hearts that will always be theirs.

Go ahead, check it out! And please know that whether you support us through donations or by spreading the word or by your thoughts or prayers, WE LOVE YOU.  We are humbled by this beautiful miracle.  You can be assured that we are dedicated to spending the rest of our lives giving back.

Thank you for being a piece of the puzzle.

Jeremy, Christianne
Graci, Taylor, Parker, Jessica, Elli, Lexi, Xander, Sophi, Cali, and Conner

 (One of the things that the committee did was arrange for Fotofly to take our family photos free of charge so that they would have them for the website and for the completed puzzle.   It was our first professional family photo since 2006.  Our clan can be hard to photograph--and they did a great job!