Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I left the house yesterday to go over and move more stuff from the old house.  My office was a disaster.  Boxes everywhere.  Bills and memos in multiple piles as I tried to catch up on weeks of paperwork.  I even had an external hard drive hooked up to the computer on my desk with a cord hanging between the desk and the wall outlet.

Before I left, I gave all of the kids explicit instructions not to go in my office under any circumstances.  Upon my return, I sat at my desk.  Something seemed off.  The mouse was on the left side of the keyboard.  Strange, since I'm right-handed.  I figured I must have done it myself somehow.  Surely none of the kids would have entered after my dire warning.  I looked at the papers in their piles.  Nothing seemed amiss.  The poorly-placed hard drive was still in place.  Hmmm.

I moved my mouse and the computer came alive.  AHA!!!  The desktop had clearly been tampered with!  There were three new unnamed folders!  And I was looking back at myself with crazy googly-eyes as the photo booth app was in use!  Who could have done this dastardly deed!?!  I felt the fuse light within me.  I kept my voice soft but intense, so all would know of this great wrong that had been dealt me.  "Does anyone know who played with my computer?"  Parker: "Is there a problem with it."  Me (slightly sheepish):  "Well, no, (now feeling more self-assured) but I told everyone not to come in my office!"  Parker: "How do you know someone messed with the computer?"  Me: "Well, there were some new folders created and photo booth was open."

Parker:  "Did someone take a picture of themself?"

Me (now feeling not just sheepish, but pretty dumb):  "Uhhhhh.  I don't know.  Let's see."

And here we have our rather unsubtle culprit:

 A cute little "I'm sorry dad!" and all is forgiven.  My computer and I live to fight another day!