Monday, January 27, 2014

Tucker the Therapy Dog

Over Christmas break I took some of the kids to the rec center.  It was a fun evening of swimming.  Sophi, Lexi, Xander, Taylor and Parker all went.  I think the two oldest boys went as much to be sweet as because they wanted to.  They were so good with the younger kids, spending time with each one of them.  (At least as much as the kids would let them.  Sophi is pretty particular about who can hold her in the pool.  Only mom or dad!  AND SHE'LL TELL YOU THIS AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS IF SOMEONE ELSE TRIES TO TAKE HER!!!)

On our way out of the rec center we came across a lady with a therapy dog.  A dog trained to love kids and others with special needs.  Talk about hitting the jackpot!  Our group couldn't get enough of Tucker.  The lady was so sweet.  She let us dote on and hug and pet (with both hands and feet) and hug some more her wonderful dog.  And Tucker was so patient.  

It was a fun experience for the kids and almost made me think a pet could be a good idea for our family….  Almost!