Saturday, December 28, 2013

The World of Candyland and the Amazing Ro

Jessica had to write a story for a 4th grade assignment.  This is it:

Once a pon a time there was a girl named Ro.She  lived in a country called rainbow land.She often would look around her.She had blond hair rosy cheeks a purple dress with a smile.She was a very happy girl.Ro was a very adventurous girl.She had  a big sister that was a girly girl type.After ten years passed in rainbow land 100 gummy bears turned evil [notice the "evil" gummy bears on the cover page].And when Ro heard  about it she was so so surprised then she went in and asked her mom what to do to help the people in the country of rainbow land.And her mom" sweetie you need more people to be able to fight.I know me and my friends are calecting more people but  we need to know how to fight them.Ro' s mom exclaimed  and hurry .Go in the shed it has plenty of things to fight with.Ro went and got the fighting stuff and her friends came and got the things to fight with.To defeat the bad gummy bears and then the girls turned the gummy bears back to good.and they had a feast and they ate all of it and every body lived happily ever after the end or is it.

We love our Jesi SO much.  If ever I was asked to fight evil gummy bears, I would want her by my side with her fighting stuff!