Monday, November 4, 2013


Every school morning I drive Jesi and Xander to school.  Usually I drive them there and then come home before leaving for work.  Because of an early appointment today, I had to go to work directly after dropping them off.  Both kids are very concerned about tardies.  Not only do they not want to be late, they want to be VERY early.  That gives them more time to play with friends and less stress from rushing to class.  They often get a bit put out if I'm not ready to leave on their schedule.  (In the first 2 months of school, I think they only have one tardy, so it's not like I'm getting them there late.  They just want to be as early as possible.)

Last night before bed I told the two of them to be ready to leave for school at 7:30.  That would give me plenty of time to make my appointment.  Well, the morning came and things took longer than expected.  They were both ready on time, but I had too many things going and couldn't get away until almost 8:00.  The two of them were waiting in the car, and I was dreading the talking to I was going to get for making them late.  But somehow, me wanting to be on time made a difference.  I told them I was sorry and that things just hadn't gone right this morning.  They both responded so sweetly.  "It's OK, Dad."  "It's not your fault, Dad."  "You really tried, Dad."  Etc.  

It really made my day to have them be so understanding and sweet.  Thanks, you two!