Sunday, August 23, 2015

Coming to America!

Graci's wonderful foster family has become part of our extended family.  So much so that we just refer to them as our "China Family."  We have been back on four adoption trips since we got Graci and each time we have scheduled two days in Hangzhou (Graci's hometown) to visit them.  Every time we go, her China parents, China brother and his wife, China aunts and uncles and grandparents and even some of her China friends take time off of work and spend those two days completely devoted to Graci and whoever else from our family is with us.  Over the years, Jessica, Taylor, Parker, Cali, Conner and my dad have all had the chance to visit this wonderful family.

Several times we have extended the invitation for them to come and visit us in America.  We are so excited that this coming Friday, they are arriving in Salt Lake to stay with us for a week.  Sadly, the whole family couldn't come, but we will be delighted to have China Mama and China Dad here to visit.  Also, Sara, our interpreter on our trip to adopt Graci and now a family friend, will be coming with her husband and daughter.  Sara and her family will be with us until Wednesday, and China Mom and Dad will be here until Saturday.

We are truly excited, but also a bit overwhelmed.  This is their first, and likely only, trip to America.  China Mom and Dad will spend their entire trip with our family, so we want to make sure they have the opportunity to see some noteworthy things while they are here.  We will take them to temple square.  We're planning on a rafting trip down the Provo river.  They want to see Graci's school and do some shopping.  Hopefully we'll be able to play some games and have time to just hang out.  And of course, coming to Utah, we have to take them to a national park!  So we're taking them camping at Bryce Canyon.  We have no idea how that's going to go over.  No idea if they've even heard of camping.  But really, is there a more American experience that going camping at a national park?

Graci is a bit nervous about the food we will serve them.  First of all, there is a huge difference in the food they are used to and the food we eat on a regular basis.  But beyond that, there is the matter of the number of dishes served.  Whenever we eat with them in China, there are at least 20 different dishes to choose from.  Each dish is served in a relatively small amount and all of them are placed on a lazy susan that rotates around the table for everyone to choose from.  Graci wonders, "Are you really going to serve them just lasagna, salad and garlic bread?

It will be a fun experience to have them get a taste of American culture.  We hope they will have a great time and we can avoid any egregious faux pas'!  We will gladly accept any prayers said in our behalf as we host these wonderful people ;).