Monday, March 7, 2016

Lone Peak 2015

In September of last year, Taylor, Parker and I made our annual trek up Lone Peak.  Such a fun tradition!  This time we took Molly with us.  She did great.  We even had a sleeping bag for her to cuddle into during the night.  It was a bit of an adventure trying to get her to fall sleep, but I think she eventually did.

As usual we packed all of our gear in.  We took in the beautiful views, cooked over an open fire and enjoyed the silence and serenity of nature.  On the way back down we stopped at the waterfall and took a very cold dip in the river.  (Forgive us for our less-than-manly squeals as we laid down in the frigid water!)  Here are some pictures as well as some video of the waterfall.

The "resting rock" in the meadow that is about the half-way point:

Beautiful sunset!

Parker brings up water from the river for cooking and drinking:

 Parker needed some pictures of nature for a biology class: