Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Special Needs Rodeo

Every first weekend of June, Herriman hosts a PRCA rodeo.  (If you read the post from yesterday, you'll realize the first weekend of June is a pretty busy one around here!)  On Saturday afternoon, a lot of the people involved in the big rodeo volunteer at the Special Needs Rodeo.  They give our kids a chance to ride horses, pet small livestock, ride on a hand-powered mechanical bull and enjoy other rodeo activities.  Our kids LOVE this Saturday and several of them look forward to it all year.  We are so grateful to all those who work together to put this on!  They also give us tickets to the big rodeo that night.  We have not been rodeo people in the past, but last year we took a couple of the younger kids and we really enjoyed.  This year, seven of our ten kids went to the big rodeo. I think it's a fun new family tradition:)

Elli loved the bouncy horse!

Conner mostly loved the attention from all of the cowgirls!