Saturday, March 2, 2013

Two Peas in a Pod

Lexi and Soph have a very special relationship.  I think it is at least in part due to their having been adopted together.  I love to see Sophi leading Lexi around the house by grasping Lexi's hand between her chin and her chest.  I love to see Lexi lift Sophi down from her high chair after she's eaten.  They are quite cute.  And they can get into some funny situations.

I'm sitting in my office trying to get some work done.  I hear Lexi and Sophi come downstairs.  They're playing in the other room.  I ask them to come into my office so I can ask them a question.  I hear Sophi start walking in, talking as she comes. 

As she gets close to the door, she suddenly stops and says "But Daddy...I maked!!!"  (That's how she pronounces 'naked'.)

 "Just come in anyway," I say.  Sure enough, she is naked as a jaybird (except for a pearl ankle bracelet?!?).  "Why are you naked?"

"Cuz I went potty."

"Who helped you?"


Uh-huh.  Somehow I just don't think this episode lived up to the same sanitary standards I would have tried to incorporate. Guess I'll just be glad that they work together so well.


PS.  It just occurred to me that perhaps the title of this post should be "Two Pees in a Pod"...  Sorry:)


I met this young lady's mother at a medical convention recently.  What a great example Lauren is of the tremendous contributions and successes that can be offered by those with disabilities!

See the video HERE.

The Woman

Jesi is such a dichotomy.  On the one hand she is still Daddy's little girl.  She loves to be tucked in each night.  She is sweet and innocent.  She can get her feelings hurt at the smallest things.  On the other hand, she is this pre-teen crusader with an agenda she is not afraid to share with anyone.  She tells us what she thinks of rules, seating arrangements, chore assignments and whatever else she wants to express her opinion on.  And her tone of voice lets you know who she thinks the boss is.

One of my favorite ways she takes charge is when she defends Christi.  If she thinks I've done something unfair or unkind to my sweet wife, Jesi lets me know!  Like this:

-"Dad, The Woman needs some rest!  You clean the dishes!"
-"Dad, you don't talk to The Woman like that!"
-"Dad, The Woman said she needs some chocolate!  Go to the store and get some!"

I have the feeling that I better get used to the concept of The Woman, or more appropriately The Women, letting me know where I stand for the next many, many years;)