Friday, January 4, 2019

New Year's Resolutions

Sophi has a way of filling up my heart every single day. She's pure magic. Every day I find evidences of her cuteness scattered around the house. A few days ago I found this little gem. #1 melted me. I wish I could freeze her at this age and with this spelling. (;


Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Lily Challenge

Here is Christi's Facebook post introducing our new commitment for this year.  We're so excited for the memories we're going to make. We already completed experience number one! Check out the website:
Happy New Year's Eve! I have something fun to share! Our kids have been asking (begging) for years to have a vlog. I keep coming up with all the reasons we shouldn't, but they have persisted. And if you know Sophi, you know she is particularly insistent. (; In the meantime, our family sat down months ago and decided that we needed to use our time more wisely (ie, stop being glued to our screens so much). After lots of discussion, we came up with a fun idea that helped with both problems. We brainstormed 100 experiences we wanted to have during 2019 (starts tomorrow!) and decided to make a vlog of sorts (youtube channel/website/whatever you want to call it) to help us stay motivated and share the fun. We're calling it the "Lily Challenge" and the kids would love if you want to follow along, or have your kids follow along. Even better, you can create your own Lily Challenge-- a list of experiences you want to have this next year. If you do, tag us or let us know so we can follow your journey too!!
You can read more about it and see our intro video on our new website (still needs some tweaks) at #lilychallenge#liveintentionally #2019goals #happynewyear