Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Dear Taylor,

I just watched video of the day you came into this world. You were so tiny and so so angelic! I remember perfectly the love I felt for you that day. I thought my heart was so full that I could not possibly love you more. Ever. I wanted to just soak up every bit of you. Well, guess what?? My heart has grown, and you are in every crevice. I somehow love you a thousand times more than I did on that day. I still want to soak up every bit of YOU. You are my sunshine. Please, please, please stop growing!


Dear Sister Simon,

Thanks to you, I can now make perfect rolls every single time. My kids love you. I love you. My waistline does not love you.

Sister Green

Dear Graci,

You are growing up, dear! It is fun to watch you transition from a little girl to a young woman. I am proud of you. You do so many good things. I am hereby promising to focus on the positive with you. I love listening to you sing “Love Story” at the top of your lungs. I don’t care that you can’t carry a tune—I think it makes it even more endearing! I am so glad you are mine.


Dear Fall,

I love everything about you. Everything.

Your biggest fan

Dear Jesi,

You are magic. Pure magic.


Dear Walmart clerk,

I did not mean to put you out when I realized I didn’t have my credit card and had to run out to my car to retrieve it. I know you had to put my items on hold—but really, all you had to do was push a button. And you got to stand there and wait for me while I dragged my three small children out of the cart, across the store, and into the van. You got paid to stand there—and really, the store wasn’t busy—so it was like a little break for you. And you were only a few feet from the customer service counter, where you wheeled my cart full of stuff. I did not get paid to cart my hungry, tired children (without my cart—ha) and rummage through my van looking for the card while trying not to get flustered about the whole thing. So really, maybe you could try not to act so aggravated next time. Just a suggestion.

The girl who almost single-handedly keeps you in business

Dear Walmart Customer Service lady,

You are a gem. Your cheerfulness helped me feel better about the whole thing. You laughed and said you’d done the same thing before and that you were sorry I had to go through such a fiasco with my children in tow. Your smile made me feel so much better.
You have found the right job for you, and restored my love of Walmart.

A happy customer

Dear Parker,

I have replayed our conversation many times, and it still makes my heart sing. You came up to me and asked if you had told me about your miracle. You went on to say:

“I was upstairs and I had this feeling in my heart that I should go downstairs, but I just ignored it. Then I felt it again, and I still ignored it. Then a voice in my heart said, ‘go downstairs’ and I thought, ‘wow, I better not ignore it after three times.’ I went downstairs and there was Elli sitting with her back to the tall toy shelf. She was shaking it and almost about to pull it down on herself. I grabbed it just in time. I think she could have died or gotten really hurt. Do you think that’s a miracle, Mom?”

Yes, Parker—I think that’s a miracle. I love how you went on to tell me it was your “first experience feeling the gospel in your heart.” (: You are only eight, but you are a spiritual giant.


Dear Leslie and Megan,

I cannot WAIT for this weekend!!!

A lucky sister

Dear Xander,

I thought it was so cute when I walked in the kitchen and saw that you had covered your unwanted piece of pumpkin chocolate chip bread with a napkin and put it up on the counter. I took the napkin off, picked up the bread, and proceeded to take a GIANT bite. (After all, it is my favorite). AGH! What is that nasty taste???? I spit and spit into the garbage, trying like crazy to get my mouth free of the stuff. At second look, I realize you hadn’t covered the bread with a napkin, but with a couple of fresh fabric softener sheets. Yum. Remind me to teach you about saran wrap.


Dear inventor of the “Ark of the Covenant” game,

You have provided endless hours of competitive fun for me and my hubby. Because of you, we can get through bedtime with happy anticipation. Who would have known that a board game could bring so much joy to two very tired parents? A very sincere thanks.

The Ark Queen

Dear Elli,

My very favorite sound in the entire world is the sound of your singing. I love waking up to you singing, “The Lord is my light” at the top of your lungs. You are my little hero.


Dear Whirlpool Cabrio,

I never knew that laundry could actually be fun. Because of you, I can now wash at least twice as many clothes at once—a very important thing for a mother of six messy kids. Besides, I feel so cool pushing all your fancy electronic buttons. You have cut down my work load significantly, and you have done it with style.

A woman who’s now glad that her old washer and dryer went caput.

Dear Jeremy,

There is nobody I would rather go through life with.


And Dear Self,

Try to lay off the kids’ Halloween candy.

The voice of reason

We are alive

Sorry it's been so long. I am committed to blogging at least once a week from here on out. I reminded Christi this morning that she had committed to post on Elli's blog several weeks ago. In the post where she committed to do that, she gave any readers out there permission to hound her if she didn't follow through. When I reminded her of that this morning she said, "Yeah, I know. And it's their fault-- they stopped hounding me!" Weak, dear:) So I am officially hounding you. Write on Elli's blog:)

Last night as I was tucking Jessica in, she gave me a BIG hug and said, "Daddy, I will never quit on you!" What a sweetie.

Before bed last night I looked at the girls' room and told Graci I would pay her $3.00 if she got it clean before she went to school. When Jesi woke up, she wandered in and said, "My room is already clean-and nobody cleaned it!" I asked Graci when she did it. "I woke up at 1:24 and went back to bed at 5:00," she calmly stated. That girl is unbelievably motivated by money!!!