Thursday, April 26, 2018

Field trip Fail

I thought I was being a great dad.  Sophi somehow found out that she was my only child I had never been on an elementary school field trip with.  (Except for Conner and Cali who were already past elementary when we adopted them.)  For the past year or so she has been asking "When will you be able to go with me?"  So the time finally came.  She was going to the zoo. I love the zoo.  We had a date!

I packed Sophi a fun lunch. I sat next to her on the bus.  I was super kind, patient and understanding with the great kids in her group.  I took pictures.  I joked with them.  I rented a wheelchair so Sophi's shorter leg wouldn't get sore from walking.  I carried her on my shoulders on the long walk back to the bus.  I kept my phone in my pocket so I could focus on her.

Later that day when I got home from work, I found Christi and Sophi talking in their bedroom.  I proudly asked Christi, "So did she have a great time?"

Christi responded:  "Well, Sophi said you did OK, but Claire's group got ice cream..."

Sigh.  The vastly underappreciated role of parent.  I guess it's a good reminder to look back and remember all of the things my parents did for me that I didn't realize at the time.  Well, at least I had a fun time Sophi, ice cream or not!

Loving the lions!

This peacock showed off for several minutes.

Polar bear swim anyone?