Monday, June 5, 2017

Dream Night at the Zoo

Every June, Utah's Hogle Zoo hosts Dream Night at the Zoo.  For three hours in the evening, the zoo is open only to kids with special needs and their families.  This year I took Cali, Graci, Sophi, Lexi, Jesi, Xander and Conner, along with my nephew Ben and Jesi's friend, Erin.  Chick-fil-A provides food and they have school mascots and Star Wars characters and face painting and princesses.  It is really a fun night for the kids.

Off we go!

With Cosmo, BYU's mascot

This is the mascot for Rocky Mountain Raceway.  He was clearly touched by Conner and Lexi.

Storm Troopers and bounty hunters!

About every 30 seconds Sophi found a new spot in which she absolutely HAD to be photographed.  I've only included a small portion of these pics:)

Looks like she could reach out and pet him...

Aragog or Shelob? I guess it depends on which epic fantasy you prefer.

They thought it was pretty cool to be so close to a bald eagle!

These cuties spent most of the night on their own.

Xander wanted to capture this beautiful sunset.

Conner braves the lion's mouth for a drink of water

These two could be twins!

Conner surrounded by beautiful girls.  He is very happy!

I'm a lucky dad to have all these fantastic kids to hang out with!!!