Monday, October 27, 2014

This morning's quotes from Sophi

I've been gone this weekend  (more on that later) and got home very late last night.  This morning, Sophi was full of information about her week.  Here are a few of my favorites (I started jotting them down because she was just enamoring me!) :

"Mom…ok…so, Sunday was SO bad!  Daddy had to do girl hair and he is just SOOOOO bad at it!  Ugh!  But don't tell him, ok?"


"I got to play with Eli.  It was AWESOME (every time she uses that word it is said very dramatically.)  We got two marshmallows.  Big marshmallows.  Which was AWESOME.  And he had a square trampoline instead of round like ours which was AWESOME.  And he had a dog that was a girl but I kept forgetting and calling her "him" and we played fetch and it was AWESOME!  And he has a iPad with netflilx.  Which is AWESOME!"  (This was all said with such fun exuberance!)


Sophi: "Mom, I want to play with Claire.  Cuz it's been FOR.EV.ER since I've played with her.  Like more than a year."
Me:  "Sophi, you just played with Claire on Friday."
 Sophi:  (thoughtful pause) "Oh… yeah!"


Me:  "So was it fun to have Dad be your babysitter?"
Sophi:  "Yes!  Funner than when it's you.  (realizes what she just said and looks up in desperation) "I mean, not funner.  The same fun.  Cuz you're so fun too, so don't be sad about what I said."


Sophi:  "Soooo…. tell me about the trip.  How was the beach?"
Me:  "It was so much fun!  Except I put my sunglasses on my head and forgot about them and a big wave came and crashed on me and knocked my sunglasses off just like it happened to Jessica."
Sophi:  "Mom!  Don't worry!  Cuz when it's your birthday I will say to Dad (insert very demanding, harsh voice) 'Dad!  Take me to the store RIGHT NOW so I can buy sunglasses for Mom with my own money!!!"


Me:  "Jer, are we out of pull ups for Elli?"
Jer:  "Oh, yeah.  I forgot about that.  I'm so sorry."
Sophi:  "Ugh.  Dad, you are FIRED!"

Love that girl!

--Chrtistianne (: