Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Great Big Thanks!!!

We've been back for almost three weeks now.  Conner is doing so well!  He really just feels like he's always belonged with us.  It will be fun in two more weeks when the kids are out of school and he has more people to interact with during the day.  He really perks up when Graci and Cali are around and he can speak to them in Chinese!

This is just a quick post to give a great big thank you to everyone who has helped with our adoption of Conner.  A much deserved thanks to all who were involved in the Puzzle Them Home effort.  Bringing  him home to THIS home is such a blessing.  Thanks to Tyler and Laura and Leslie and Jeremy and Grandma and Grandpa Nelson for all of their help with our other kids while we were in China.  Thanks to Leslie for preparing so many fabulous freezer meals that made it much easier on Christi when we returned.  Thanks to our anonymous "food box fairies" who left a giant box of yummy treats and snacks for us.  Not only were there many of our kids favorite things to eat, they also included an extremely generous amount of gift cards for Papa John's and a prepaid Visa card to buy Conner some clothes.  We are SO grateful to you, whoever you are.

Thanks to all of you who continue to encourage us and pray for us.  We are overwhelmed by the blessings we've received.