Saturday, August 23, 2014

Thinking of Tiffany

I had a dream last night about my little sister, Tiffany.  Tiff passed away in a car accident 10 years ago at the age of 22.  In the dream she was about 13 years old for some reason.  I don't remember the details clearly, but I do remember how I felt when I woke up.  I felt an overwhelming obligation to live well and to do good things.  It was as if she was telling me, "Your mortal life is a gift.  It is precious and it is something that I no longer have.  Don't waste away your time with silly or petty things.  Honor my memory by filling each day with the best things you can.  Be grateful for each precious moment."

As I've pondered more on this today, I've thought about how true that is.  Not only do I need to be grateful for each day here on earth, I need to be grateful for where I live.  So many in the world live in poverty and under constant threat of violence.  What a blessing to live here in the United States with the overall prosperity, safety and security we are blessed with.  What a responsibility we have to share our time, energy and resources with our brothers and sisters throughout our communities and beyond.

Thanks for the reminder, Tiff.  I love you.