Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Last night I took Parker to football practice and ran some errands.  I told Christi I would be home by 6:00pm.  As often happens, things took longer than planned, and I didn't get home until about 6:30.  Since I was so late, Christi had started dinner without me.  Partway through the meal, Sophi asked where I was.  Christi told her, "He must have gotten lost.  He was supposed to be home at 6:00.

Sophi replied, in her precocious and straightforward way, "Mom, I think you need to marry a new guy!"

Thanks, Soph!


This morning we were talking about how much fun the kids had with Aunt Jenny while we were gone.  (A post on our trip to Costa Rica is coming soon!)  I said to Soph, "Would it be fun next summer if maybe you and Jesi and Lexi got on an airplane and went to see Jenny in Oregon?  You could stay at her house for a few days."  Sophi screwed up her face in a disgusted look and said, "But you have sit still and be quiet on an airplane!"  Leave it to her to see the big picture;)