Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy Birthday Lexi!

Our sweet Lexi Li turned 11 on December 28.  With it being so close to Christmas, we are sometimes at Grandma's house for her big day.  Such was the case this year.  I was in Ferron with all of the kids except Elli.  Christi and Elli were sick and stayed in Herriman.  Lexi's day started out with breakfast in bed made by Grandma Nelson.  As per Lexi's request there were sausages and a smoothie (among other things!)  Most of the family then traveled down to Cedar City to watch her brothers play in a basketball tournament.  She got to stay in a hotel for one night, visit her aunt Leslie in St. George a second night, and enjoy a birthday dinner at Chili's.  She loved it when the servers came out to give her a birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday.  Can't believe how fast our sweet girl is growing!  Love you, Lex:)


PS.  If you look closely at the first picture above you can see some rather talented toes resting on the side of Lexi's bed.  Pretty cute!!!

Honest Evaluation

Tonight I was putting some medicine on Sophi's toe before she went to bed.  She asked me, "How old are you?"  I replied that I was 43.  She started counting up from there.  "44, 45, 46, 47" and on and on.  She made a few mistakes along the way and I corrected her.  By the time she got into the 80's, I had completely forgotten what had started her counting.

She continued, "96, 97, 98, 99, 100, and then you will die?"

It took me a minute to grasp what she was saying.  Then I had to laugh and say, "Probably!"

Love that girl!!!