Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day One

We must remember we now have 10 children.  This morning we woke up pretty exhausted.  We all fought through it and got ready for church.  We rushed out the door just a little late.  Christi and Graci were in the car.  I was in the van with everyone else.  On the short drive I gave instructions as I usually do.  Taylor, you help Lexi in, Parker, you help Sophi, etc.  We parked the cars, walked in and found our usual seats at the very back of the overflow seating.  I moved a chair out of the way for Cali's wheelchair.  I counted the number of chairs in the row and realized we would need two more.  I got two more chairs and put them on the end of the row.  All the kids were getting seated.  Suddenly Christi said, "Where's Elli?"  I looked and re-looked.  "Didn't Taylor bring her in?"  Apparently not.  Christi rushed out to the van and sure enough, there was Elle, bouncing and contended as could be.  Way to go, Dad!