Friday, November 19, 2010

Random Thoughts

Once upon a time we could just show up...

Next week we were planning on staying here for Thanksgiving. A couple of weeks ago, when we still thought we were going to China before Thanksgiving, Christi cooked us a great "Pre-Thanksgiving" dinner with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and the works. So on the real Thanksgiving, we were going to go to an all you can eat restaurant and forego all the cooking and cleaning. Over the 4-day weekend, we were going to spend time preparing for our trip to China. Sounded great and relaxing. On the other hand, when you have 6 kids in the house, relaxing is a lot of work:) Then we were invited to Grandma Larsen's for dinner on Thanksgiving and to a baby blessing on the following Sunday. (Both of these are in central Utah, about 2.5 hours away.) Ok, so that sounds great, too. Going to visit grandma's house is always relaxing. There will be a gaggle of cousins around to entertain the troops. When we're not here, we can't be working on stuff, so we're forced to just chill. Another good option.

The thing is, we sometimes have a hard time making decisions. Now, decisions like "Should we add a couple more special needs kids to our brood?" we do fine with. It's the mundane ones like "Should we stay or should we go" that give us fits. So this morning Christi says "We need to decide what we're doing next week." I respond, "Let's just play it by ear." Christi says, "So we're just going to show up at Grandma's on Thanksgiving-the EIGHT of us- and say what? Can you just throw another turkey in real quick???" I guess we officially fall into the "If you didn't tell us you were coming, DON'T COME!" category.

Our boys love sports. Taylor's favorite to play is basketball. He's a very good shooter and has spent a lot of time practicing his shot. Basketball practices started this week and I got him a new ball. Last night I found him sound asleep like this:

Pretty cute:)

The other day Elli was dressed for church. I found her sitting on the couch in the cutest pose. She is quite the little doll. If I know how to photoshop the diapers out, it would be perfect:

Finally, most of you will probably think I'm crazy for even noticing this, but if I remember correctly, at least Teri will understand my fascination with the following photo:

I'm out!